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Types of Liquor Licences

A specific type of licence is required for each situation or premises.

Here are the types of liquor licences that can be applied for:


This licence is granted to those who want to transfer liquor licences from one entity to another or one premises to the next.

On Consumption

This is a licence granted for the sale of liquor for consumption on the specific premises where the liquor is sold, for example, restaurants. eg: restaurants, coffee shops, guesthouses, hotels, and pubs.

Special on Consumption

This licence is granted for a special premises where liquor is sold to be consumed on the premises. Examples of such premises’ are pubs, clubs, franchises, action bars, pool lounges, cocktail Lounges, accommodation facilities, sports facilities (incl. Indoor), night clubs, taverns, e.g. a premise where live entertainment is held, including party buses and floating vessels.

Occasional Liquor Licence
An occasional liquor licence is a licence for specific occasions. eg: weddings and parties.
Events licences

Events liquor licences refers to a licence granted for an event which will be a mass gathering of the public.

Procure controlling interest

A change in the financial interest within the liquor licence.

Wine grocer liquor licence

This licence is granted to premises where only wine is sold by a bone-fide supermarket.

Structural changes to the licenced premises
Storage in additional premises
Supply for tasting or promotional purposes.

This licence is for off consumption or a micro manufacture premise.

Off consumption
eg: liquor stores or online sales.
National distribution licence
This is for distribution to other licensed premises nationally.
Rent a licence from a licence holder (Only for currently approved licences of a premises)

This is a licence granted for on or off consumption purposes and can be rented by the prospective tenant from the licence holder who has the right of occupation on the premises.

Special off consumption
This is for online sales.
Micro Manufacturer
A licence granted to producers of liquor, such as wine farmers, distillers, crafters and brewhouses.
Assistance with annual renewals

How to apply for a liquor licence of any nature is subject to the province you find yourself in.

The Liquor Licence Concept will administrate the application for any type of liquor licence, in any South African province.


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