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Frequently Asked Questions About Liquor Licences

Many people are not familiar with liquor licences. Here we answer some of the more common questions on how to apply for a liquor licence and other questions surrounding liquor licences

What is a liquor licence?

What is a liquor licence?
A liquor licence is an official document that is issued to a person or entity, giving them the legal right to sell or manufacture liquor containing more than 1% alcohol on the approved premise.
Why do I need a Liquor Licence?
Anyone wishing to sell, manufacture or distribute liquor is required by law to have a liquor licence. If you trade without a licence, you are in breach of the law and the local authorities may take steps against you, close down your business and confiscate your assets.

Liquor licences need to be renewed annually. The public may lodge objections to the granting of a licence.

The Liquor Board will consider the application, all relevant information and all the objections received and will either reject or approve the application.

Who May Apply for a Liquor Licence?

Anyone may apply for a liquor licence unless you are disqualified in terms of current liquor legislation. These disqualifying factors include:

• If you have served a prison sentence without the option of a fine in the last ten years (the Board may make an exception in certain cases).
• If you are bankrupt.
• If you are an un-rehabilitated insolvent
• If you are a minor.
• If you are the spouse of any of the above.

Note: Compliance with the guidelines set out here does not guarantee the success of an application. The Liquor Act and its regulations are complex and are considered on individual merit.

Are there any liquor licence fees involved?

There are a set of prescribed liquor licence fees that need to be paid to obtain a legal valid liquor licence. These liquor licence fees are to be paid in relation to all applications.

The Western Cape annual renewal fees are payable no later than 31 December every year. Failure to pay the annual fees on time will result in a 50 % penalty within January and 100% penalty within February and 150% for March based on exceptional circumstances thereafter the lapse of the licence and you will have to re-apply for the licence.

What is the expected waiting period for approval of my liquor licence?
It will never be shorter than 3 months from the date of submission, on average about 6 months.
Can one obtain a licence for a mobile bar?
No, the authorities do not licence mobile bars as all licences are registered to a fixed immovable structure. And all licences need to be registered to a business zoned premises. Except in rural areas where a Chief has authority.


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