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The Liquor Licence Concept: Experienced Liquor Licence Consultants

The Liquor Licence Concept is a specialist company based in Cape Town that offers liquor licence consultations and assists businesses in obtaining liquor licences.

We offer our services to any individual, in any South African Province, who wishes to obtain a liquor licence.

Owned and operated by Hannes Oberholzer, and with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, The Liquor Licence Concept is the professional option for liquor licence applications and/or renewals.

Obtaining a valid liquor licence is an essential step in selling and manufacturing liquor

A liquor licence is an extremely important document to possess for those who are planning on trading in or manufacturing liquor.

It is an official document issued to a premise on which liquor is to be sold or manufactured. It can be a time consuming and painstaking process for an individual to obtain a valid liquor licence on their own.

There are many complicated legal requirements and steps to follow before a liquor licence can be granted. It is also critical to obtain the correct classification of liquor licence for the premises and/or occasion or event.

The Liquor Licence Concept offers liquor licence consultations and will administrate the entire process of procuring the right type of liquor licence for your premises.

How do we assist you in applying for a liquor licence?

1. Consultation
The Liquor Licence Concept will consult with you to establish what type of liquor licence your premises will require. We will also discuss the costs involved in obtaining your particular liquor licence.
2. Preparation of all documentation

The Liquor License Concept will help you prepare all of the documentation you will need to apply for a liquor licence.

3. All Notices
If it is a requirement for your application to provide plans, The Liquor Licence Concept will assist in obtaining this information for you.
4. Photos
All applications must be accompanied by colour photographs of the premises.
5. Submissions and all revenues paid
We will submit the application on your behalf and ensure that the necessary fees are paid for the application to be considered.
6. Representation
The Liquor Licence Concept will act as your representative for the application and keep you informed of the process and outcome thereof.

Anyone who trades in or manufactures liquor without a valid licence is in breach of the law and is, in effect, committing a criminal offence. This means that local authorities will be able to take steps against those who are trading in or manufacturing alcoholic beverages without a licence.

It is therefore wise to apply for and obtain a valid liquor licence before embarking on such endeavours. The Liquor Licence Concept assists our clients in applying for and obtaining a valid liquor licence or applying for the renewal of your existing liquor licence. We are also able to renew, transfer and cancel liquor licences on our clients’ behalf.

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