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Liquor Licence Application Requirements

Liquor Licence Application Requirements

See the following categories of liquor licences which can be applied for, namely:

Licensing for the micro-manufacture and sale of liquor for consumption both on and off the proposed premises.

Licensing for the sale of liquor for consumption on the proposed premises.

Licensing for the sale of liquor for consumption off the proposed premises.

In exceptional circumstances, a licence for the sale of liquor for consumption both on and off the proposed premises.

The National Distribution Liquor Licences.

The Liquor Licensing Tribunal will consider applications based on the following:

The granting of a liquor licence can only be granted if it is in the public interest, and the granting thereof is in the public interest if:

the applicant(s) are of good character, and not disqualified from holding or managing a licence in terms of the act;

the proposed premises on which the sale or consumption of alcohol complies as per the regulations and application submitted for the licence;

the applicant has the right to occupy the proposed premises;

and the granting of the application does not prejudice any residents, educational institution or place of worship, institutions of frail care, hospitals, and daycare centers.

a premise does not need to be completed for an application to be submitted.

a conditional approval can be permitted on an incomplete premise.

a conditionally approved premise has 24 months to be completed before the licence is officially issued.

Application procedure and documentation required entails the following:

An application for a liquor licence must be submitted by the last Friday of a calendar month for the Western Cape. It must be submitted to the Board and the designated Liquor Officer in whose area of jurisdiction the proposed premises is located. During December no applications will be accepted by the Board. Excluding Gauteng, all other provinces need to be submitted by the first Friday of a calendar month.

The prescribed application forms must be correctly completed and compiled as per the stipulated various regulation.

The prescribed fees which must be paid in the prescribed manner. A minimum of 50% deposit is payable before compiling the application and the balance is payable before submission of application.

Additional obligations of a licence holder:

An existing licence holder should inform the Liquor Board of a change in management, financial changes, or structural alterations.


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